Meet The Team - BeeNZ Honey New Zealand Limited
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Meet The Team

The Busy Bees

BeeNZ is a family owned and operated business based in Katikati.  David & Julie Hayes are passionate about the beekeeping industry.  In 2015, David and Julie built a brand new hi-spec honey processing facility with the latest processing and packing technology.  The family also own and operate the successful Buzz Apiaries with over 1200 hives used for honey, pollination and venom collection.

What makes BeeNZ special is that they manage the entire journey of the honey from hive to bottle.   David and Julie are strong on family values and sound business practice.

Our Values

manuka honey Bee respectful to each other and nurture our family environment.

manuka honey Value our customers and the business they bring.

manuka honey Bee proud of the work we do.

manuka honey  Appreciate the importance of the New Zealand honeybee.

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