Honey, Bee and Manuka Bee

New Zealand Clover Honey

Sweet as childhood memories

The clover flower is found growing in the countryside and on farms throughout New Zealand.

Clover honey is light in colour and smooth in texture with a delicious floral taste.

Much like our Wildflower honey, clover honey is sourced from our own beehives and other trusted beekeepers, many of whom we extract for, so we know the honey quality from the very beginning of its lifecycle.

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Honey Meister's Notes

The scene

Think back to a time of childhood innocence. Picture your childhood self sitting on the grass in the cool shade of a tree, trying to blow a whistle through a blade of grass. Picture daisy chains and the smell of fresh-cut grass.

Throughout the rural hills and pastoral land of New Zealand, there are kids living this childhood dream. Clover flourishes in our pasture, feeding animals of all shapes and sizes with the intensely sweet nectar of its flowers.

The first glimpse

Pearlescent and nearly pure white

The aroma

Irresistibly sweet

The flavour

Close your eyes and imagine how honey tasted when you were a kid.

The experience

This is the ultimate in sweet, every-day honey. Kids adore BeenZ Clover Honey on pancakes, on toast or stirred through warm milk as a special treat. As a natural sweetener, clover honey is perfect for baking and drinks.

Other Favourites

It begins with a blossom Our Honey's journey from Hive to Home

Out in the fields and forests of our New Zealand home, rare wildflowers flourish. Many are found nowhere else in the world and our bees adore them.

As these flowers burst into colour for a sweet few weeks each year, the BeeNZ honey journey begins.

Never the same. A perfect pattern with no plan.

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