Honey Supply - BeeNZ Honey New Zealand Limited
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Honey Supply

BeeNZ are proud to support other amazing New Zealand businesses by supplying them with our premium honeys.

We are so proud to provide The Honey Fund with their multi-floral honey to help New Zealand charities, sports teams, clubs and schools raise money to achieve their goals.

Are you looking to raise money for your charity, school or team?

Contact Dom at The Honey Fund

BeeNZ are the suppliers of HoneyLab‘s Manuka, Multi-floral and medical grade Kanuka honeys, which are used throughout their entire range of products.

Their range of Acne, Rosacea and Cold Sore products, which contain medical grade Kanuka honey, have been proven to improve skin conditions just as efficiently, if not better, as other topical ointments and creams prescibed by doctors.

Check out HoneyLab for their full range of products.

HoneyVet is a premium pet care product provider, who utilise our Kanuka honey throughout their full range.

Aimed at helping animals with sensitive, irritated skin, the anti-inflammatory qualities of the Kanuka honey, combined with other all natural ingredients, have been successful in aiding the overall well-being of pet’s skin and coats.

Check out HoneyVet’s full range of pet care products.