Honey, Bee and Manuka Bee

Our Story

Amongst the most remote forests and hills of the purest place on Earth, a family dedicated to sustaining future generations works with nature to source the most premium New Zealand honey from the comb, taking absolute care of nature’s gift.

This wonderful gift from nature deserves our respect, so we care for the bees and take extraordinary care in working with them
to sustainably source this special honey.

We never let the honey out of sight, while taking absolute care to gently turn honey in the comb, into honey for the home.

The Busy Bees

Meet our wonderful team.

BeeNZ is a family-owned and operated business based in Katikati, New Zealand.  David & Julie Hayes are passionate about the beekeeping industry.  In 2015, David and Julie built a brand new hi-spec honey processing facility with the latest processing and packing technology.

Our Values

We live and work by a strict code of ethics.

manuka honey Be respectful to each other and nurture our family environment.

manuka honey Value our customers and the business they bring.

manuka honey Be proud of the work we do.

manuka honey  Appreciate the importance of the New Zealand honeybee.

It begins with a blossom Our Honey's journey from Hive to Home

Out in the fields and forests of our New Zealand home, rare wildflowers flourish. Many are found nowhere else in the world and our bees adore them.

As these flowers bloom into colour for a sweet few weeks each year, the BeeNZ honey journey begins.

Follow the journey

Our Favourites

Your honey IS THE BEST manuka honey I've ever had !  Wow !  Just pure magic & heaven in a jar.

Diane, Massachusetts
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