Tours - BeeNZ Honey New Zealand Limited
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BeeNZ Tours

Discover how our premium quality New Zealand honeys are created, processed, packaged and exported with a tour of our factory, right here at BeeNZ.

You’ll enjoy a thorough walk through and explanation starting from the beehive (don’t worry, no bees live here!) right through to seeing our various honeys being packaged, palletised and shipped to one of our multiple worldwide destinations.

To finish off you will be able to taste each of our 6 different honey types, and purchase your favourite flavour from our delightful bee-themed retail store, adjacent to our factory.

The best part is knowing exactly where your honey has come from, as we manage the process from hive to home.

All tours are FREE.

We welcome all to come and discover what we do and why we do it.

We can’t wait to meet you! 

– The BeeNZ Team

Larger groups of 6 or more are encouraged to make a booking, which you can do right here!