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Honey, Bee and Manuka Bee
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The Scene

The smell of damp earth. Light filtering through the canopy, dappling on the forest floor. High above you, birds call.

You look up, following the towering form of the Rewarewa that seems to stretch to the clouds. Peppered along its branches are the prehistoric forms of its flame-coloured bottlebrush flowers. 

The tree pays you no mind; it and its ancestors have gone about their whimsical way unchanged for Millenia. It flowers as it wants, some years boom, other years bust. The Rewarewa is not worried, it beats to a deeper rhythm. 


The first glimpse

A rich caramel hue, gloriously smooth. 


The aroma

Caramel-forward, with floral accents. 


The flavour

Sweet with butterscotch and caramel. 


The experience

A teaspoonful of BeeNZ Rewarewa honey, eaten slowly, lightens the spirit. 

It's butterscotch and caramel flavour lend it a sense of indulgence, like nature's own little treat. 

With its unique flavour, Rewarewa honey holds its own in smoothies and drinks, but is most at home in sweet little indulgences. 

It begins with a blossom Our Honey's journey from Hive to Home

Out in the fields and forests of our New Zealand home, rare wildflowers flourish. Many are found nowhere else in the world and our bees adore them.

As these flowers burst into colour for a sweet few weeks each year, the BeeNZ honey journey begins.

Never the same. A perfect pattern with no plan.

Follow the journey