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Honey, Bee and Manuka Bee
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Honey of New Zealand

Nurturing Nature, Sharing Our Goodness.

Honey of New Zealand

Nurturing Nature, Sharing Our Goodness.


Our Team

We are providing our people with a safe working environment and supporting their wellbeing.
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There are members of the BeeNZ hive all over the world, as well as here in New Zealand. Learn More

Our Community

It is important to us to look after our local community and the people in it.
Our Community


Quality Assurance

Amongst the most remote forests and hills of the purest place on Earth, a family dedicated to sustaining future generations works with nature to source the most premium New Zealand honey from the comb, taking absolute care of nature’s gift.

This wonderful gift from nature deserves our respect, so we care for the bees and take extraordinary care in working with them to sustainably source this special honey.

We never let the honey out of sight, while taking absolute care to gently turn honey in the comb, into honey for the home.

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Katikati firm buzzing with success

“It’s good to be spread across the two islands so there will always be something coming out of New Zealand. This year the wet weather in the North Island has meant a poor honey harvest but the South Island has had a great summer.”

Social Buzz


"Just finished my pot of the best honey I have ever tasted. Perfect, smooth consistency right to the end."

Ann Bolton, New Zealand

"Your honey IS THE BEST manuka honey I've ever had !  Wow !  Just pure magic & heaven in a jar."

Diane, Massachusetts

"Love the luxurious bold taste and velvety texture.  Whether it’s toast, oats or a recipe, BeeNZ Manuka is delicious. Yum!"

John, Portland, Orgeon

"The texture is silky smooth and sweetness is just right!  A great value for high quality Manuka Honey!"

"The complex nature of BeeNZ elevates flavor but doesn’t overpower the palette, and that is just my cup of tea!"

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