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From hive to soul
From hive to soul
Manuka flowers
Manuka flowers
Manuka flower : Leptospermum scoparium

Purity promise

BeeNZ honey comes from bees that gather nectar and pollen from some of the richest indigenous honey forests in the world, remote and pure.

Our honey is foraged from a variety of flowers that grow wild and untouched in beautiful New Zealand.

Extraordinary natural properties are found in honey that grows free of any pollutants, making our honey not just a choice but an opportunity to connect with nature in the most authentic way.

Pure honey; a golden drop of goodness, foraged from flowers, woven by workers, directly from our bees to you, with our promise of purity.

A legacy for people and planet

New Zealand is recognised as one of the world’s most respected beekeeping countries, and we take our responsibility to bees very seriously.

At BeeNZ we believe our hard-working little bees need to be nurtured and protected. We are committed to supporting the eco-system within which our hives grow and flourish. While our beekeepers are of the highest pedigree, our farming principles are in line with best practice to ensure the longevity of both hive and environment.

We harvest only what they give, we add nothing, no additives, pesticides or harmful chemicals. We offer GMO free honey, pure and simple.

Founded on family values

BeeNZ is a family owned and operated business based in the small town of Katikati in the beautiful Bay of Plenty on the North Island of New Zealand. David and Julie, a husband and wife team, oversee the journey of the honey from hive to jar. They are passionate about the environment and firmly believe that bee health is of the utmost importance.

Through the process of managing the beekeeper, extractor, processor, packer and finally the exporter, they ensure complete integrity throughout the honey-making process. Their respect for values, community and sustainability create an environment of trust, a key factor in the success of BeeNZ.

The business operates as a family unit, much like a hive; each member integral to the happiness and success of the whole. Following natures lead; crafted with care by one family, for another.

Which honey is right for me?

Honey is a marvellous superfood whether mixed into a soothing drink, licked off a teaspoon, blended into smoothies, spread on warm bread, folded into baking or used as a natural remedy.

We offer a great selection of honey with one that is just right for you.

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Your honey IS THE BEST manuka honey I've ever had !  Wow !  Just pure magic & heaven in a jar.

Diane, Massachusetts

"Just finished my pot of the best honey I have ever tasted. Perfect, smooth consistency right to the end."

Ann Bolton, New Zealand
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