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Honey, Bee and Manuka Bee
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A legacy for people and planet

New Zealand is recognised as one of the world’s most respected beekeeping countries, and we take our responsibility to bees very seriously.

At BeeNZ we believe our hard-working little bees need to be nurtured and protected. We are committed to supporting the eco-system within which our hives grow and flourish. While our beekeepers are of the highest pedigree, our farming principles are in line with best practice to ensure the longevity of both hive and environment.

We harvest only what they give, we add nothing, no additives, pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Toitu Enviromark Gold Certified

We are proud to be Toitu Enviromark Gold certified. Certification from Toitū Envirocare is proof we are taking environmental action by accurately measuring and managing out environmental aspects and impacts. Toitu also enabled systematic development and improvement of our environmental management system (EMS).

In 2022 we made the decision to switch our jar packagaing from PET to rPET. Our jars are now made from 100% recycled rPET plastic, showcasing our commitment to product development and the environment.

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"Just finished my pot of the best honey I have ever tasted. Perfect, smooth consistency right to the end."

Ann Bolton, New Zealand

"Your honey IS THE BEST manuka honey I've ever had !  Wow !  Just pure magic & heaven in a jar."

Diane, Massachusetts

"Love the luxurious bold taste and velvety texture.  Whether it’s toast, oats or a recipe, BeeNZ Manuka is delicious. Yum!"

John, Portland, Orgeon

"The texture is silky smooth and sweetness is just right!  A great value for high quality Manuka Honey!"

"The complex nature of BeeNZ elevates flavor but doesn’t overpower the palette, and that is just my cup of tea!"

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