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Honey, Bee and Manuka Bee
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Honey Meister's Notes

The scene

A clear morning. Dew on your boots. Rolling hills of deep and wild grass. Bordering the pasture is the gateway to a dense forest and, on its outer fringe, stands a pioneer. 

Like a wise old lady, the papery, wizened appearance of the Kanuka belies its true nature. There is fortitude in its branches, a maternal drive to grow and protect, paving the way for the giants of tomorrow. Whilst it nurtures its forest family, it also gives willingly, and abundantly, to newcomers like us. 

The Kanuka is capped in white. Her blossom spreads across entire hillsides, radiating beauty and giving purpose to the bees that flock to her side. 


The first glimpse

Light and buttery, like liquid velvet.

The aroma

Floral and complex, underpinned with a subtle sweetness.


The flavour

Kanuka honey has a distinctive flavour, reminiscent of light butterscotch with a floral finish.


The experience

As a superfood, Kanuka honey is delightfully flavoursome, the perfect complement to morning muesli or chia pudding. Its unique flavour is also delicious in winter warming drinks. 

Topically, Kanuka honey has a scientifically proven track record in skincare, finding it beneficial in managing acne, cold sores, actinic keratosis and rosacea. 

It begins with a blossom Our Honey's journey from Hive to Home

Out in the fields and forests of our New Zealand home, rare wildflowers flourish. Many are found nowhere else in the world and our bees adore them.

As these flowers burst into colour for a sweet few weeks each year, the BeeNZ honey journey begins.

Never the same. A perfect pattern with no plan.

Follow the journey