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Honey, Bee and Manuka Bee
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Abbyfield Aged Care
Accessible Waihi Beach
Fairview Country Estate
Fire Up Sports
Katikati College
Katikati Foodbank
Katikati Primary School
Katikati Open Air Art Inc.
Mental Health Foundation
Special Children’s Christmas Parties
The Honey Fund
Western Bay Museum


Piera Hudson - Alpine Skiier
Fairview Country Estate


Katch Katikati

The Honey Fund

BeeNZ is proud to be an integral part of The Honey Fund.

The Honey Fund’s mission is to help clubs, schools and charities, throughout New Zealand, by providing premium quality multifloral honey to sell. The Honey Fund provides the ability to raise money while supplying communities with New Zealand’s premium healthy honey.

Piera Hudson

Piera Hudson is a New Zealand alpine ski racer who has dedicated her life to her love of speed and pushing the limits, while representing New Zealand on the world stage.

We are proud to sponsor Piera as she takes on the slopes across the globe and sets her sights on the 2026 Winter Olympics.

Lindsay...aka Animal Based Bae

"Life is full of adventure and beauty, curveballs and punches. I take each happening as an opportunity to seize the moment, learn, grow, adapt and become more resilient."

We are so excited to have Lindsay on board as an ambassador for BeeNZ.

She leads an animal based diet and incorporates both our Manuka & Kanuka honeys in to her everyday meals.

Check Lindsay out on Instagram here - her followers even get an exclusive 5% off discount + free bamboo spoon with purchase when using code "BAE" at checkout. 

See more of her story below:

"My life-long commitment to nourishment, restoring health and wellness led me to discovering the most optimal way of feeding the human body — animal based.  Since transitioning to an animal based diet 3 years ago, I have seen a substantial impact on my health, nutrition, energy and overall mental clarity.  

From all the methods and strategies I’ve experimented with personally, those that have worked for me and where I have seen the most success, are the ones I’ve recommended to others and seen similar successes. In the cases where the results were not asexpected, I studied why and modulated the solution to fit that person’s physiology or needs and requirements.

It’s not a job, it’s my passion and my obsession.


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"Just finished my pot of the best honey I have ever tasted. Perfect, smooth consistency right to the end."

Ann Bolton, New Zealand

"Your honey IS THE BEST manuka honey I've ever had !  Wow !  Just pure magic & heaven in a jar."

Diane, Massachusetts

"Love the luxurious bold taste and velvety texture.  Whether it’s toast, oats or a recipe, BeeNZ Manuka is delicious. Yum!"

John, Portland, Orgeon

"The texture is silky smooth and sweetness is just right!  A great value for high quality Manuka Honey!"

"The complex nature of BeeNZ elevates flavor but doesn’t overpower the palette, and that is just my cup of tea!"

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